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Zero waste is a goal with the intention of having a positive impact on the planet and making a conscious effort to make better choices. Living a zero-waste lifestyle means you strive to use as little single-use plastic as possible, instead opting for sustainable and reusable alternatives. In short, it means you send as little as possible to landfills, which can damage the environment and natural habitat around them. Replacing as much as possible with reusable products includes everything from clothing, to food and drink packaging, to hygiene products, either more sustainable or plastic free, which will ultimately protect the environment, benefit communities and support a circular economy. 


Listed in order of importance

Refuse to buy things with lots of packaging

Don’t buy things you don’t really need



Repurpose worn out items, shop for used goods, and purchase reusable products like steel water bottles


Up to 80 percent of waste by weight is organic. But this rarely decomposes in landfills


It still takes some energy and resources to recycle, but it’s better than sending stuff to the landfill or allowing it to become litter


Hands in the Soil

Zero Waste is not about being perfect at it, is making small changes & taking conscious decisions. Zero Waste is taking care of Mother Earth as she has been looking after us. Is time to give back and to come back to basics. Happiness lies in simplicity & purity in our actions.

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