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The Fluid Concealer is a liquid corrector that delivers outstanding coverage with its velvety texture, correcting undereye circles and blemishes effectively. Its fluid formula does not ‘crease’ or settle into fine lines and wrinkles, helping to hide fatigue, minor imperfections and signs of aging. Available in 6 shades, this product can be applied easily and precisely with its sponge tip applicator, and blended with our new beauty blender sponge. Suitable for all skin types, the fluid concealer has an ultra-natural finish.

Packaged in a unique, varnished bamboo case, Zao makeup is both a beautiful gift and an item to treasure. Existing customers, please note that we are phasing out our bamboo pouches that our products were packaged in (except glass bottle foundations and primers), in order to further reduce waste. These will be phased out as current stocks deplete

Ingredients Highlight:

Magnolia Extract: Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, this ingredient is used to combat signs of ageing by neutralising free radicals. Magnolia extract contains magnolol and honokiol, bioactive components that fight bacterial impurities in skin and quench free radicals.

Organic Aloe Vera: Used for its skin softening, calming, repair and soothing properties, Aloe Vera is an ideal ingredient for use around the delicate eye area. It also compensates for water loss in skin, making an ideal moisturiser.

Zao Liquid Concealer Refill 7ml

  • Organic: 100% natural ingredients and minimum 22% organic ingredients.

    Vegan: Certified by PETA. Products and ingredients not tested on animals and free of animal products.

    Palm oil usage: Contains Glyceryl Stearate (RSPO palm oil derivative)

    Refillable: Yes

    Plastic usage/packaging: Refillable bamboo outer; inner refill is recyclable clear plastic. Small plastic sticker for legal information.

    Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin

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