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  • HERBAL TEA: A mindful blend of dandelion, nettle and lavender creates this fragrant experience. This tea is for everyone who likes balance
  • CAFFEINE FREE TEA: Naturally free from caffeine, this 100 percent organic blend is a wonderful introduction to herbal teas and those moving away from caffeine alternatives
  • HERBAL FLAVOUR: Mild, balanced, endearing. That's what Yogi Tea's Alkaline Herbs blend is all about. Take some me time out of your day to surround yourself with this mild, organic blend to experience a taste so delicious that you'll simply want another cup

Yogi Organic Alkaline Herb Tea 17 Bags

  • Lemon grass*, lemon balm*, dandelion* (11%), nettle* (7%), spearmint*, lavender flowers* (4%), fennel*, carrot*, linden flowers*, alfalfa*, parsley

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