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Bring your own containers in-store and just pay for what you take. One of our team will do all the weighing for you.. simple as that..


If you happen to pop by without a container we supply re-usable paper bags.


Delivery guide


Will be sent in re-usable paper bags

Organic Star Anise £7.49p/100g

  • The liquorice-like flavour of star anise makes it an essential ingredient for making authentic mulled wine and is often used in curries for its unique flavour.

    Star anise is the fruit of a plant shaped like a star, or a flower. Despite the similar name, star anise and aniseed are from two completely different plants but with the same flavour compound known as anethole.  Aniseed has an almost potent flavour often used in liquor, however, star anise has a more intense liquorice flavour and is a key ingredient in five spice. 

    When used in a recipe, they are often added whole in order to easily remove them before serving. They are also used when making homemade mulled wine for a warming flavour.

    Benefits of Star Anise:

    Versatile spice
    Powerful flavour
    Full of vital minerals
    Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

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