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Bring your own containers in-store and just pay for what you take. One of our team will do all the weighing for you.. simple as that..


If you happen to pop by without a container we supply re-usable paper bags.


Delivery guide


Will be sent in re-usable paper bags

Organic Sesame Seeds Hulled 99p/100g

PriceFrom £0.99
  • Organic White Sesame Seeds are popularly used in Japanese cuisine for coating sushi or tofu or sprinkled on noodles. They are also used when baking bread and bagels for decoration.

    Sesame Seeds as a whole are a fantastic source of healthy fats and plant compounds, they are full of vitamins and minerals which are crucial in a healthy diet. 

    Because their skin has been removed (Hulled) the seeds are far more digestible to the human body.

    Benefits of Buying White (Hulled) Sesame Seeds:

    100% Organic Product
    They can be used in a number of ways from coatings to used in baking
    Packed full of vital vitamins and minerals
    Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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