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Organic Kitchen Passata is made with 100% ripe, Italian tomatoes and is perfect for creating pasta sauces, soups and stews. Our passata is produced close to where the tomatoes are grown, before being shipped to your local retailer so that it travel less miles before reaching your kitchen cupboard.

Country of Origin*


*Country of origin may vary from time to time and the origin stated in this document is not guaranteed.

Organic Kitchen Passata 700g

  • Tomatoes* (99%), acidity regulator: citric acid. *Organic

  • Nutritional Values per 100g 

    Energy 99KJ (23kcal)

    Fat 0.1g

    Of Which Saturates <0.1g

    Carbohydrates 3.9g

    Of Which Sugars 3.2g

    Protein 1.7g

    Salt 0.2g


    Organic, Vegan Society

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