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Bring your own containers in-store and just pay for what you take. One of our team will do all the weighing for you.. simple as that..


If you happen to pop by without a container we supply re-usable paper bags.


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Will be sent in re-usable paper bags

Organic Basmati Brown Rice 49p/100g

PriceFrom £0.49
  • Basmati is a type of long-grain rice with long, slim grains grown only in Pakistan and northern India - it is the only rice that can be labelled as basmati. Basmati means "fragrant" in Hindi, which is a perfect description as this rice both smells and tastes spicy, nutty, and floral.

    Basmati rice is available in brown and white. The white is produced by removing the bran (the outer covering of each grain) and the germ (the seed) leaving the white starchy portion. Brown basmati has a nuttier flavour and is considered healthier as it contains the goodness of the bran and germ.

    Organic basmati brown rice is an essential cooking ingredient if you love making your favourite meals healthier and having more substance. Basmati rice is perfect to accompany different dishes such as vegetable curries, salads, lentil dahls and buddha bowls.

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