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Coconut Bowls Set w/ 2 Organic Wooden Spoons, Bamboo Straw and Natural Jute Pouch (Striped Pattern)


Our Boho Coconut Bowls originate from the tropical Bên Tre region in Southern Vietnam. For many years the local farmers have made a modest income from selling coconut by-products such as coconut oils and coconut milks. Once harvested for their prize possessions, the discarded coco shells were subsequently burned to make way for the new crops.

By using Jungle Culture coconut shell bowls, you are helping to provide the local farmers with a secondary income, as well as preventing more coconuts and trees being needlessly burned as waste.

Your upcycled coconut bowls are beautifully etched with an intricate geometric pattern. Each coco shell bowl is unique and natural, so size and shape may vary slightly, but we think this adds to their charm!
Your organic coconut bowls and spoons are perfect for making vegan smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls, buddha bowl creations, acai bowls, and more! Completely handmade from reclaimed coconuts – BPA free – No chemicals or pesticides are used to grow our coconuts.

Jungle Culture Coconut Bowls Set of 2 (Striped Pattern)

  • 2 x Patterned Coconut Bowls
    2 x Reclaimed Wood Spoons
    1 x Jungle Straws Vanilla Hessian Pouch
    1 x Jungle Straw
    1 x Coconut Fibre Cleaning Brush
    1 x Kraft Paper Box

    Product Specifications:
    Bowl Dimensions: 14cm (Width), 7cm (Height)
    Spoon Dimensions: 19cm (Length), 3.5cm (Width)

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