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Indulge in Hu Chocolate's Quinoa and Vanilla Crunch Chocolate Bar. It is made with a fusion of high-quality, organic, and fair-trade ingredients, and sweetened with organic, unrefined coconut sugar.


Made with simple, high quality ingredients
Sweetened with organic, unrefined coconut sugar
Delicious blend of vanilla, quinoa, and dark chocolate
Quinoa and vanilla in a chocolate bar may sound unusual, but it's a testament to Hu Chocolate's commitment to innovative, real-food snacks. As you explore this extraordinary creation, you'll discover that simplicity and good taste are their guiding principles- with quinoa delivering a delightful yet nutritional crunch.


At Hu Chocolate, they have an unwavering passion for real, high-quality ingredients that deliver great taste. Their dedication to organic and Fairtrade sourcing reflects their mission to make a positive impact on both consumers and the global community. With a commitment to transparency and sustainability, you can savour every bite of this delicious creation, knowing that it's made with the utmost care.

Hu Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate 60g

  • Organic cocoa mass*, organic unrefined coconut sugar, organic cocoa butter*, organic puffed quinoa, organic vanilla bean*, sea salt.
    *Certified Fairtrade ingredients.

  • Typical Values:    Per 100g:
    Energy Kj    2471
    Energy Kcal    596
    Fat g    44
    (of which saturates) g    26
    Carbohydrates g    36
    (of which sugars) g    26
    Fibre g    10
    Protein g    8.9
    Salt g    0.4

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