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This innovative liposomal liquid chlorophyll offers powerful purifying and detoxification benefits, drawing on nature’s resources. The source of all life, liquid chlorophyll restores energy, clarity and harmony to your internal systems.

With its unique formula, liquid chlorophyll drops help to draw out toxins that can harm the body. In addition, taking chlorophyll regularly provides vital phytonutrients for optimal health, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Detoxify the body and its organs, including your liver. Chlorophyll liquid drops eliminate toxins from within, leaving you feeling fresh and empowered with renewed clarity. As a result of this powerful immune system-boosting formula, enjoy fortified protection against day-to-day stressors that weaken immunity.


Youth and Radiance with Liquid Chlorophyll
Liquid chlorophyll boosts your skin’s natural defence system and helps reduce the signs of ageing for a bright, vibrant complexion. Our powerful formula activates deeper layers to nourish your skin with vital nutrients that help restore its youthful radiance for a glowing look all year round. Chlorophyll liquid drops can even freshen your breath as they purify and restore.

Use daily as part of your beauty routine for best results to feel the difference inside and out.


Feel Supreme Liposomal Liquid Chlorophyll Drops 100ml

  • Experience the benefits of plant-power by adding liquid chlorophyll drops to your daily wellness routine. The purest extracts of plants are packed full of vital nutrients to clarify, restore and detox your body. In a simple drop form, Liquid Chlorophyll is easy to add to your food, drink or take directly under the tongue.


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