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Pronounced 'mah-teh' - organic, sparkling iced tea with a splash of orange and lemon. Real-brewed from whole leaf Brazilian yerba mate and naturally sweetened with agave nectar. Absent of artificial flavourings, sweeteners or other additives. 

What is yerba mate? A naturally caffeinated herbal brew that is crisp, refreshing and provides a sustainable boost without the coffee-like crash. Whether you’re dancing the night away or number-crunching through the afternoon, mate gives you a natural kick without the artificial nasties. Cheers to that, mate.

ChariTea Sparkling Mate Organic Fairtrade Iced Tea 330ml

  • Carbonated infusion of organic mate tea and organic black tea (water, mate tea, black tea) (88%), organic agave juice, organic orange juice (3%), organic lemon juice (3%)

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