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As winter turns to spring, at a time the locals call ‘sugar weather’, the maple trees in Canada’s Bas-St-Laurent region are harvested for their sap. It’s this world-renowned provenance, traditional artisanship – and 100% purity, with no artificial additives – that makes this organic Grade A syrup so special.  

With rich notes of caramel and vanilla, our amber syrup has a stronger taste than the more well-known golden variety. And unlike many other brands of syrup which use animal fats in the production process, ours is strictly vegan.  

From drizzling on pancakes, to baking into cookies, maple syrup is as versatile as it is delicious. Try mixing ours with a healthy porridge,or stir it into iced coffee for an indulgent mid-morning boost. 

Biona Organic Pure Maple Syrup Amber Grade A 330g

  • Maple Syrup*.  * = Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Average nutritional values    Per 100g
    Energy    1130kJ/270kcal
    Fat    0g
    of which saturates    0g
    Carbohydrate    67g
    of which sugars    66g
    Fibre    0g
    Protein    0g
    Salt    0g

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