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Wild is on a mission to transform the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products. It’s sleek and stylish-looking deodorant applicators are reusable and made from durable aluminium and recycled plastic. The zero-plastic deodorant refill is natural and compostable.

Every skincare product in Wild’s range is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and free from artificial fragrances, parabens, sulphates and aluminium.

True to form, its deodorant is gentle on the skin with maximum sweat security.

This pack includes 1x pomegranate & pink peppercorn scented natural deodorant refill. This scent is a deliciously fruity affair of ruby red pomegranate and pink pepper with a spritz of dark plum

Refill lasts 4-6 weeks with daily application. 

P.S. Don't panic if there's some oil staining on the refill; it's because it's made entirely of paper.


Wild Pomegranate & Pink Peppercorn Refill 40g

  • Deodorant Base Ingredients 

    These are the natural ingredients which make up the base of our deodorants. We then add a combination of fragrance to create the Wild scents you love.

    Tapioca Starch 🌱

    An absorptive powder extracted from the roots of the cassava plant that absorbs moisture (aka your sweat) to keep your armpits dry.

    Baking Soda (Not in the baking soda free range) 

    Really effective at controlling odour and is added in minimal quantities to be gentle on the skin.

    Sunflower Seed Wax 

    Rich in vitamin E to keep the skin moisturised.


    Eugenol, Limonene

    Tocopherol Acetate 

    A natural form of Vitamin E. It is an antioxidant so preserves the deodorant by preventing the degradation of the natural ingredients.

    Caprylic/Capric Glycerides 

    Used as an emollient, so the deodorant glides smoothly across your underarms.

    Stearyl Alcohol 

    A white, waxy solid that prevents the deodorant from separating into its oil and liquid components.

    Triethyl Citrate 

    Also known as citric acid and keep your refills looking and smelling fab!

    Sunflower Seed Oil 

    An emollient was added to make sure Wild glides on without tugging.

    Coconut Oil 

    A really moisturising ingredient that has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and smells great.

    Shea Butter 

    A high-quality butter with excellent moisturising properties (we're pampering your pits).

    Magnesium Hydroxide 

    Stops the growth of odour-causing bacteria on the skin's surface without being absorbed into the skin to keep you smelling incredibly fresh.

    Zinc Ricinoleate 

    A fatty acid found in castor oil that can absorb odour.

    Rice Starch (Baking soda free range) 

    An absorbent powder to soak up sweat and oil.

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