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Brighten up your desk with our colourful square pencil holders. Hand crafted from recycled newspaper, each piece is rolled, painted, and pieced together by Fair Trade artisans. For even more eco-friendly points, why not pop some of our recycled newspaper pencils in your pot.


Our recycled newspaper products are exactly that – made from 100% recycled newspaper, hand-rolled, painted, and crafted into something beautiful.

Due to the handmade nature of our products the colours and designs may vary, but loveliness comes as standard.


The social enterprise based in Sri Lanka aim to minimise the environmental damage caused by the overuse and unsustainability of plastics, using only eco-friendly recycled paper to create stunning gifts.

Committed to helping their community, they’ve helped over 250 families, and have reduced the migration of women as labourers into towns and overseas. By employing homeworking artisans, they allow mothers, those with disabilities, and the elderly to provide for themselves and their families.

By making a purchase, you are helping to continue the fantastic work of our producers.


Paper High Square Recycled Newspaper Pencil Holder

  •     9 × 11 cm

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