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X2 50 metres of charcoal infused floss.
Charcoal to pull away stains and deodorise between teeth.
Infused with peppermint to fresh breath whilst also sooth between the gums.
100% Vegan and approved by PETA.
Our cruelty free dental floss refills are infused with peppermint oil and charcoal to not only cleanse and brighten your teeth, but it will also leave your mouth as fresh as a daisy.

Organically Epic Dental Floss Charcoal Refill 2 x 50m

  • Take about 20 to 30 centimetres of floss, winding it around our fingers and thumbs for strength and manoeuvrability, slowly go between each tooth, gently massaging up towards the gums.  If you can, imagine a C shape as you pull the floss towards the tooth, encompassing it in the floss, massaging the tooth and gum to remove tooth decay and food debris.

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