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Our extra large bamboo salad bowls are ideal for al fresco dining, barbecues and as sharing bowls! The massive 28cm diameter gives you ample space to toss your greens, blitz in some dressing and fill up enough salad for a whole family!

The minimal terrazzo exterior and stylish spun bamboo interior blends modern and rustic into one stunning piece of tableware that’s perfect for any home! Use your extra large bamboo bowl as a salad bowl or a mixing bowl, and start serving meals in natural tableware!

All of our bamboo bowls are hand-crafted using only basic tools, skilled hands and a good helping of organic Vietnamese bamboo. Sustainably sourced and ethically made!

Diameter: 28cm

Jungle Culture Extra Large Bamboo Salad Bowl (28cm Diameter)

  • Extra large bamboo salad bowl

    Please note: Salad tongs not included, but can be purchased separately

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