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Choose your colour to match your outfit and your mood. The matt, velvety texture provides comfort and a perfect fit for a simple but stylish smile. The lipsticks contains precious oils and plant extracts that provide nutrients and moisturisers, leaving lips soft and smooth.

Packaged in a unique, varnished bamboo case, Zao makeup is both a beautiful gift and an item to treasure. Existing customers, please note that we are phasing out our bamboo pouches that our products were packaged in (except glass bottle foundations and primers), in order to further reduce waste. These will be phased out as current stocks deplete

Ingredients Highlight:

Organic castor oil: Its specific fatty acid, ricinoleic acid, makes this oil a beauty treatment with astonishing properties already known in antiquity. It relieves skin afflictions through its purifying, softening and healing action.

Organic shea butter: Shea butter is extracted from shea nuts, a tree growing only in the wild in the savannahs of West Africa. Its fatty acid-rich composition endows it with moisturising and nourishing properties.

Organic pomegranate extract: Concentrated in punicic acid, pomegranate has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Also rich in phytosterols, with antioxidant and anti-radical properties, it helps to combat ageing, as well as the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Zao Matt Lipstick 3.5g

  • ·  100% natural ingredients and minimum 45% organic ingredients.
    ·  Vegan Certified by PETA. Products and ingredients not tested on animals and free of animal products.
    ·  Palm oil usage: None
    ·  Refillable to reduce waste.
    ·  Plastic usage/packaging: Refillable bamboo outer; inner refill is recyclable plastic. Small plastic sticker for legal information.
      Suitable for all types of skin. Particularly Suitable for sensitive, dry and chapped lips.

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