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We’ve taken all the goodness from one of nature’s finest offerings and sourced our omega 3 from pure algae. Algae is vegan, sustainable and can be grown without any risk of ocean contaminants.


Our Omega 3 contains both DHA and EPA. These two forms are highly researched, and have a plethora of proven benefits. We source our omega 3 from algae, so we're going right to the source. We do this because, unlike algae, fish don't naturally produce omega 3. This also means you won’t get any of that fishy aftertaste.

Together Health Algae Omega 3 DHA & EPA - 30 Caps

  • Algae oil, natural high oleic sunflower oil, rosemary extract, natural mixed tocopherols. Vitamin C Ester. Vegan softgel capsule* (Vegetable Glycerol from Coconut oil, Corn Starch: non GMO, Undegraded Carrageenan from red seaweed, Sodium Carbonate from Kelp). *100% plant based.

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