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Sugar and spice and all things nice!

The ecojiko bamboo Salt & Spice Pot is the ideal eco alternative to supermarket spices in plastic containers. Simply purchase your refill spices from your local wholefood or zero waste shop then pour into your ecojiko Salt & Spice pot.

The pots are perfect for storing salt, chilli, pepper corns, sugar and all your dried spices. As well as the endless uses in the home, the pots look gorgeous on your kitchen table, or next to your cooker. The pots could also 'double up' as a container for your reusable make-up wipes!

Why bamboo? Bamboo is one of the most sustainably grown materials, is fast growing and naturally renewable. It also requires little water and doesn't need harmful pesticides and herbicides to grow well. 

The Salt & Spice pot is 9 cm diameter x 7 cm height.

ecojiko Salt & Spice Pot

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