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Mixture of purely natural, high quality, essential oils. It contains a mixture of the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper, caraway and fennel.
For inhalation
Can also be rubbed into the skin when diluted with a carrier oil
Available in a 10ml bottle and inhaler stick


Apart from imparting a nice relaxing aroma, essential oils can also help the body in other ways, forming the basis for aromatherapy as a healthcare discipline. In addition, the essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus have been used traditionally to help maintain clear, cool breathing – particularly during the cold or flu season.



Alfred Vogel was a Swiss pioneer of natural health. Throughout his life, he championed the use of natural remedies in healthcare. Love of nature and the belief in its healing powers were at the heart of his work, and his legacy lives on in the range of herbal remedies which bear his name.

A. Vogel is based on one of the core principles of Alfred Vogel - that health requires a holistic approach. A balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet and natural healing products play key roles in maintaining and restoring health.

Alfred Vogel made his preparations from freshly picked plants. The extra effort put into using fresh produce is what still distinguishes A Vogel from its competitors today. A Vogel products are manufactured using methods that are as close to nature as possible, using a sustainable approach to natural resources.

A. Vogel Po-Ho Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler Stick 1.3g

  • Po-Ho oil for inhalation is a mixture of:

    Peppermint essential oil: 50%
    Eucalyptus essential oil: 30%
    Juniper essential oil: 14%
    Caraway essential oil:4%
    Fennel essential oil: 2%
    Po-Ho essential oil inhaler stick also contains limonene, linalool and vitamin E.

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